We offer only fully outfitted hunts for your enjoyment and better chance of success.

Our clients are met and entertained by us through out the full hunt. Your lodging is in our home or a semi-wilderness cabin (Home stay). The meals are home cooked and served in family style with plenty to eat.

Groups of 2 or 4 are preferable for a pleasant, private hunting experience so we can assure you of individual attention. We use pickups to go into the field and locate the target species then begin the stalk. All our hunts are fair chase. The guides will work hard to help you find the one you want and an opportunity to obtain it. Our success rates are excellent. Hunts are challenging but we work with each individual and their abilities as best we can.

In Wyoming, hunting licenses must be drawn through the WY Game and Fish Department in Cheyenne. Elk license applications must be in Cheyenne by January 31. Deer and Antelope license applications must be in Cheyenne by May 31st.


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